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Skilled Baltimore-Area Business Litigation Attorneys Help Your Firm

Maryland lawyers working with you to resolve disputes successfully

If your business is involved in a disagreement that could require litigation, you need immediate assistance from attorneys with extensive experience in winning these cases. At Freeman Rauch, LLC, we work to get you the best possible result with the least possible expenditure of time and money. Often, we can accomplish this through alternatives to litigation, such as mediation and arbitration. Whether the problem involves contractual violations, defective products or internal strife, our attorneys have the skills and business law acumen to handle your case.

Experienced representation for a full range of business torts

Running your enterprise in a field filled with competitors can be quite contentious, with other companies bending or breaking rules to hurt you. If your business is being harmed by violations of the law, we can help you fight back by bringing cases for torts such as:

  • Fraud — Misrepresentation is actionable when someone reasonably relies on it and suffers damages as a consequence. If you or your business suffered economic harm due to a false statement, we can bring a fraud claim to help set things right.
  • Trade libel — Businesses can seek damages when false statements are made disparaging the business, its products or services. Increasingly, this activity is occurring online, including on review sites such as Yelp. We can assist you in tracking down the responsible party or parties and holding them accountable.
  • Tortious interference — If your agreement with another business is disrupted by a third party’s intentional wrongful conduct, we can help pursue a claim for damages against the interloper.

Likewise, if your company is being unfairly accused of tortious conduct, Freeman Rauch will mount a strong defense.

Assisting companies in breach of contract disagreements

Contractual violations can threaten the foundation of crucial business arrangements. If one of your company’s contracting partners has committed a breach, Freeman Rauch will bring swift action to enforce that term. We can often do this through firm communication, but if bringing in a third party or going to court is required, we will do so.

Diligent advocates to help defeat breach of warranty allegations

Many transactions between businesses and consumers include express warranties. Some pertain to product quality or the duration of use. In addition to these express promises, there might be implied warranties set by various state and federal guidelines. Unlike contracts, warranties are often vague and any claimed breaches require evaluation by someone with sophisticated knowledge. Our attorneys can help you see what you might be responsible for.

Pursuing satisfactory resolution of partnership and shareholder disputes

Serious arguments between owners can halt a business in its tracks. Our dedication to finding cost-effective means of solving legal problems offers your firm the best opportunity to move beyond the dispute without the underlying business suffering unnecessary damage.

Protecting company interests in products liability litigation

Thousands of lawsuits are filed each year from plaintiffs who claim to be harmed by defective products. Even in outrageous instances of user error, the users often sue the manufacturer for huge sums. No matter what you produce, Freeman Rauch can formulate the strongest possible legal and factual arguments in your favor. We frequently work with experts who can help demonstrate that your product did not cause the alleged harm.

Freeman Rauch, LLC, represents businesses in the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Call 410-842-6600 or contact us online to discuss your legal issues.