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Baltimore-Area Civil Litigation Defense Law Firm Protects Your Rights

Skilled Maryland lawyers forcefully opposing spurious lawsuits

Both businesses and individuals can serve as targets for various types of lawsuits. At Freeman Rauch, LLC, we are aware of this unfortunate reality and understand that the best way to combat it is with an aggressive, well-informed defense. Our attorneys have decades of experience defeating unfounded claims; we are not intimidated by complex litigation or cases that require mastery of technical details.

Attorneys with the legal knowledge to help defeat tort claims

Tort claims can drain a business not only through high-priced verdicts and settlements, but also through increased insurance premiums. Freeman Rauch can help defend against all types of tort actions, including:

  • Defamation — We have significant experience defending against libel and slander claims, including those relating to allegedly incorrect employee references.
  • Negligence — If someone alleges that they were harmed due to your carelessness, we will investigate the matter to find the true cause and defend you.
  • Wrongful discharge — Employees who are dismissed for legitimate reasons often see no downside in concocting a wrongful termination suit. We work with firms to prevent the risk of these actions and deliver strong opposition on your behalf when such an action is filed.

If you or your company is facing any type of tort action, we will take the time to understand your situation thoroughly and work with you on developing a forceful, effective defense strategy.

Defending your business against lawsuits

Freeman Rauch is passionate about helping our business clients defend themselves from lawsuits. We work within your schedule and with an unwavering focus on your company’s best interests. Our attorneys understand that a lawsuit does not only have legal and financial ramifications for your firm, but can also affect its goodwill and revenue potential going forward. We have numerous long-term relationships with business clients because we share their business objectives.

Representing companies struck by consumer litigation

Consumer litigation takes many forms, but we can defend your business to give it the best chance to avoid a large payout in a settlement or judgment. We also have experience dealing with the external issues that often accompany publicized consumer actions.

The legal and technical background to fight products liability actions

If your company is accused of negligence in regard to a defective product, you cannot afford to retain counsel who lacks experience mounting a thorough defense. Freeman Rauch has litigated these cases on behalf of various manufacturers, and we know how to oppose allegations against the process and the product.

Freeman Rauch, LLC, represents businesses in the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Call 410-842-6600 or contact us online to discuss your legal issues.