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Maryland Civil Litigation Attorneys Dedicated to Your Success

Accomplished law firm asserting and protecting your legal rights

For more than 30 years, our attorneys have given clients high-quality legal representation in various branches of civil litigation. In state and federal courts throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia, we strive with every case to achieve highly favorable results while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Freeman Rauch, LLC, has earned its strong reputation in the community by taking an active role not just in our clients’ litigation but also in their overall success.

Diligent representation in cases of alleged contract breaches

Our attorneys provide diligent contract review and representation when a party is accused of a breach. As part of our comprehensive counsel in this area, we advise clients about all contract issues, including:

  • Statute of limitations — In Maryland, most contract claims must be made within three years of the alleged breach. If there was a reason why you were not able to identify the breach, we can advise you of your rights.
  • Oral and written terms — The parol evidence rule states that if a written contract exists and the terms are clear, contradictory oral representations are not admissible.
  • Jurisdiction — Contracts sometimes have venue designations or terms that require disputes to be settled through arbitration or mediation. We will work to ensure that the issues are being resolved in the proper forum.

At Freeman Rauch, we know that contract issues can be highly detailed, requiring lawyers with the necessary knowledge and experience to clarify the issues for you.

Supporting businesses facing litigation challenges

Freeman Rauch attorneys have decades of experience delivering the special type of support that businesses require. We are aware of the pressures you face and evaluate each decision based on your bottom-line concerns. For us, it is not only about obtaining the best legal result possible; it is also about minimizing the disruption to your company and putting your business in the best possible position to thrive as you move forward.

Strong advocacy in complex construction litigation matters

When a construction or design flaw is responsible for physical or financial damage, the number of potentially responsible parties can seem overwhelming. Architects, contractors, designers and builders all may be completely or partially culpable. Plaintiffs are usually over-inclusive about suing anyone with the slightest connection to the accident site, so an experienced attorney is necessary to sort out what actually happened and to protect your business from getting bogged down in lengthy, complex litigation. We offer such seasoned counsel to our clients.

Experienced assistance in litigating products liability lawsuits

Our lawyers possess the experience and skill to litigate injury lawsuits arising out of alleged product defects. We will investigate the manufacturing process and the alleged physical or economic damage so that you have the best possible information as to the claim’s value.

Freeman Rauch, LLC, represents businesses in the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Call 410-842-6600 or contact us online to discuss your legal issues.