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Maryland Class Action Defense Law Firm Assists Businesses

Skilled lawyers fighting on class certification and the case merits

Even if a case has no merit, a large group of plaintiffs can weigh down a business with a class-action lawsuit. If you are being threatened in this way, Freeman Rauch, LLC, will defend you aggressively so that you can resolve the matter with a minimum of time and expense. We will look to defeat the plaintiffs at the threshold state of class certification, so that each of the usually miniscule disputes must be tried on their own. When that occurs, the entire litigation often dissipates.

Opposing large-scale lawsuits claiming consumer fraud

Most people have at some time received mailed notices concerning a small coupon or money amount related to a consumer-fraud class action suit. These cases are often brought against:

  • Financial institutions — Highly regulated industries such as banks and credit-card companies are often the subject of class-action litigation seeking a settlement for procedural violations.
  • Telecommunications providers —These lawsuits have become common due to the rapidly changing nature of the business and confusion among users about contract terms and conditions.
  • Automobile and product manufacturers — Questions about car recalls and financing are attractive targets for class-action lawyers. We can provide a vehement defense without needing a learning curve. In the food sector, increased attention to labels and ingredients has prompted litigation when mistakes were made.

In most class action suits, nearly every class member is unaware of the alleged misrepresentation, and each individual award is negligible. On the other hand, the overall judgment or settlement can be quite high, resulting in a high-percentage commission for the law firm representing the class. Even if you believe the alleged misconduct did not occur or that each person’s potential damages are very small, you need to contact an experienced class action defense attorney immediately to limit your exposure.

Skilled counsel to fight against workplace discrimination allegations

Large employers often face employee class actions alleging some type of job discrimination. Usually, this derives from some pattern identified by the lead plaintiff’s attorney of promotions or terminations within a specific group. Often, the employer’s conduct had no discriminatory intent and it’s just a matter of someone stringing together a few completely separate instances. Freeman Rauch will investigate the circumstances and argue aggressively so that your company has the best chance to defeat class certification and win on the merits should any case get that far.

Knowledgeable defense when a product defect leads to litigation

Each time a manufacturer’s defect gets any media attention, class-action litigation follows, often without regard for whether actual damage was done. Our knowledgeable attorneys are skilled at pinning down the actual amount of harm, if any, and presenting it in court. We are also experienced at retaining expert advisors when necessary to demonstrate the true nature of the product and the manufacturing process.

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