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Employment Law Firm Defends Against Workplace Claims

Helping companies avoid worker lawsuits and grow their business

Freeman Rauch, LLC, knows that businesses can be threatened from within by spurious employee lawsuits. Our skilled attorneys work with our business clients to establish internal practices to prevent worker suits from starting in the first place. Employment law changes quickly, so proactive advice is the best way to keep your company concentrated on its success rather than on legal maneuvers to protect it. If your firm does face litigation or administrative action, we will deliver a thorough, informed defense.

Assistance opposing defamation suits from former employees

Former employees occasionally attempt to file lawsuits against businesses alleging that references provided to prospective employers constitute defamation. Maryland law allows employers to provide honest information regarding an employee’s work performance when a reference is requested. If a former worker is threatening your company in this manner, we will defend you vigorously and attempt to have the case thrown out based on state law. We can also advise your managers on how to ensure that the state’s good faith standard is satisfied.

Comprehensive advice on preventing discrimination judgments

Freeman Rauch can help your firm counteract federal and Maryland employment discrimination claims in categories including race, sex, religion, disability and sexual orientation. We are well aware that employers are prohibited from doing the following:

  • Pre-screening — Companies cannot post job openings in a manner that eliminates members of one or more protected groups.
  • Differential treatment — Hiring, promotion, firing, discipline and other employer actions cannot be discriminatory in any way.
  • Retaliation — The Maryland Commission on Civil Rights enforces the law preventing employers from punishing workers in any way for reporting discriminatory policies or incidents on the job.

Discrimination laws apply if your firm has 15 or more workers. We can show you how to reduce your liability.

Dedicated advocacy in sexual harassment matters

Maryland law recognizes sexual harassment claims for situations when employment decisions are based on submission to or rejection of unwanted sexual conduct. The second type of harassment claim can be filed when inappropriate behavior in the workplace interferes with an employee’s ability to do their job or creates a hostile work environment. These are serious charges that not only pose a financial risk, but also damage your company’s reputation. Freeman Rauch works with business clients to preserve their good name. For more information, click here.

Counseling businesses on fighting wage and hour actions

Businesses that employ hourly personnel must be aware that Maryland’s minimum wage will increase on July 1 each year through 2018. The current minimum wage is $8.25 with a $0.50 hike scheduled for July 1, 2016. If your firm is being accused of failing to pay overtime, we will advise you whether the employee(s) in question are exempt under one of several categories and therefore ineligible for time and a half. If a lawsuit or Division of Labor, Licensing and Regulation complaint is filed against you, we have the knowledge and experience to provide a full defense.

Freeman Rauch, LLC, advises businesses in the Baltimore area and throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Call 410-842-6600 or contact us online to discuss your legal issues.